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    CHEMICAL WAR. Criminal. Russia intends to use CHEMICAL WEAPONS in UKRAINE. HUMANITY must intervene militarily and URGENTLY to prevent attacks with these chemical weapons against Ukrainian civilians.The unfounded pretexts of Russian expansionism in the region in the quest to subjugate weaker nations will become the worst infamy of this millennium. The non-intervention of Western powers […]

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    The evening has begun.Expected, dreamed, planned, inevitable.They are dining face to face.Barely separated by an invisible line between the two.The ruling cold in the gloomy and skeptical winter night.The house pets had respected that privacy by leaving them alone. She was circled from the bud by the glimpse of the man.Tácita is also concluding and […]

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  • Nuclear Attack

    It is no longer just about PUTIN, now it is the whole of Russia that threatens the world.They want to show that they are POWERFUL, but in reality they are the MOST MISERABLE on the planet. They boast of being soldiers, the best in the world and I just want to say that a true […]

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  • Ant

    One more day on the horizon. A lost caress, in the attempt.And in the middle of the fires, there are the people. Protected, ambitious. conceited.My favorite color is purple. With it I build forms, fantasies.Behind those walls, there are the owls. Manual genocides, they live fast. Naked silhouettes, and a virginThey knock on the doors […]

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  • The Wall

    The morning in the eyes.Of the widows in the church.A tender look that fell in love with the sky.Those things that we have.The sorrows with the autumn.They are defoliating in my soul. The figures.Scratches on the street.All with their knots in the neck.The wind in the curtain of a window.Canned sounds of a hoarse station.She […]

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