Stop War

CHEMICAL WAR. Criminal. Russia intends to use CHEMICAL WEAPONS in UKRAINE.

HUMANITY must intervene militarily and URGENTLY to prevent attacks with these chemical weapons against Ukrainian civilians.
The unfounded pretexts of Russian expansionism in the region in the quest to subjugate weaker nations will become the worst infamy of this millennium.

The non-intervention of Western powers is incomprehensible, they have intervened throughout history in different conflicts and without asking anyone’s permission. This position of not acting on the Russian invaders leads us to believe that there are other causes above human lives.

Russia already threatened the West with nuclear weapons, now it does so with chemical weapons. The world is playing the game that this madman of Vladimir Putin and all his allies pretend. Without a doubt we are entering a world conflict between East and West where the lives of human beings mean nothing.

I believe that all nations must come together immediately and end this war because if not, the planet will enter a generalized conflict that no one will be able to stop.

Diplomacy, politics, have failed again. And to think that countries invest fortunes to have professionals who resolve conflicts and everything was in vain. Again human beings will be victims of politics.

Because ultimately politics is what leads people to live or die for a story.

Mae Marcelo Elias

Stop War

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