Hecho Cultural Anacrónico

Nuclear Attack

It is no longer just about PUTIN, now it is the whole of Russia that threatens the world.
They want to show that they are POWERFUL, but in reality they are the MOST MISERABLE on the planet.

They boast of being soldiers, the best in the world and I just want to say that a true soldier does not kill innocents, he does not invade. The real soldiers are in Ukraine with their people.
Today for me they are the best and they are teaching us every minute of that infamous war that heroes exist and they are those brave soldiers who resist together with all the Ukrainian people.

In the face of the red army’s frustration that they cannot take Kyiv even these MISERABLES threaten with a NUCLEAR ATTACK. If that happens, the whole world will be complicit in this genocide.

Once again international politics is going to fail, they really are so useless and useless. The different measures that have been taken are not enough to stop this massacre and the uprooting of thousands of Ukrainians.

There should be no hesitation, you should ACT, and that implies that the West must put its troops in Ukraine and stop the madman and his people who kill in his name.

Mae Marcelo Elias

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