Hecho Cultural Anacrónico

The Wall

fuente: Cultura Inquieta

The morning in the eyes.
Of the widows in the church.
A tender look that fell in love with the sky.
Those things that we have.
The sorrows with the autumn.
They are defoliating in my soul.

The figures.
Scratches on the street.
All with their knots in the neck.
The wind in the curtain of a window.
Canned sounds of a hoarse station.
She left her burning lips on a stained glass window.
Mild, wet and unstable weather forecast.

Nothing seems unchanged.  Pointless arguments between friends.
After having lived in an exile.
How to explain to you that you see what happens to me.
Everything feels so far away sometimes.
The blink of your eyes when hearing your voice.

Intertwined hands on a table.
Announcing a final outcome.  Find out what you expect.
I already know that they are still waiting.
I didn’t know that goodbye.  It could taste bitter.
That your tears left me

Labyrinths of fleeting hearts.
Sighs of love is disguised by darkness.
She is a breeze that lives among the trees.
She is a breeze that refreshes wounds.
And all that love.
Drowning in the spirits of a Sunday with memories.

How easy everything would have been.
If only we had had a dream.
A place to go, a place to escape to.
That I continue to live inside of you.
Different square, simple and emotional.
That the end waits for no one.

And that nothing can be avoided.
That I continue to live inside of you.
And time was the killer of my years.
That life is coming.
That life is going by without looking back.
You do not see?  It is my shadow that still awaits you.

Mae Marcelo Elias
October 12, 2018

ECIRA Independent Cultural Spaces Argentine Republic

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